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You will probably buy a generator. How big? Usually 110 - 150 percent of your demand. What options? Some generators are made to run 24/7, others only to run as back-up. Auto or manual start, normal or silent, inside or outside. Click here for basic information about Generators.

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You will probably buy a 4x4 pick-up truck. Ford trucks are Built Tough - Priced Right - Ready for Delivery!

Click here to see the 2007 Ford Ranger.

Our team on the ground in Afghanistan will get you the best deal possible, coordinate delivery, arrange convenient payment terms, recommend a spare parts package and create a mainentance plan that meets your needs. Your Project Vehicles can be customized with options — like bull bars and winches, extra heavy duty suspension, larger tires back bench seats — complete with spare parts.

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Regular maintenance and good fuel are the keys to reliable power. Click here for information about fuel, filters and piping etc.

RM Asia offers sales, service, spare parts and fuel delivery as a sinlgle package to guarantee reliable power.

RM Asia offers 24/7 maintenance service 365 days per year, IN EVERY MAJOR CITY THROUGHOUT AFGHANISTAN.

Our maintenance teams are on call in Jalalabad, Gardez, Ghazni, Kandahar, Herat, Kundoz, Mazar-e-Sharif, Sherbegun, Pol-e-khomri, Konduz, Bamiyan, Fayzabad, Helmund, Farah,.

Call RM Asia for Concrete Hollow Blocks...

We manufacture load bearing concete hollow block ( 20 cm and 10 cm) to international standards (ASTM C90-02). In cold weather we manufacture in climate controlled indoors facilities.

Sales, Service and Spare parts...

Buy SDMO and be sure you will have reliable power in your home, office, camp or factory. RM Asia maintenance teams are located in every city in the country. We have installed, refuel and service more than 800 gensets - nationwide. If you call to any Roshan phone (079-) in Afghanistan, your calls are powered by SDMO generators 24/7/365.

SDMO Logo Click the logo - visit Click here to calculate the size generator that is right for you.

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Global Fleet Sales, a member of the RM Asia Group, has sold more than 5000 Ford pickup trucks and SUV's in Afghanistan since 2003.
FORD Logo Click here to see Ford Ranger features. Click on the Ford Logo to see the Ford Ranger Ambulance — great for Afghanistan. RM Asia maintains all of the vehicles used by the Afghan National Army - nationwide. We operate 'state of the art' vehicle maintenance facilities in Mazar-e-Sharif, Herat, Kandahar, Kabul and Gardez.

International Trucks are Back in Afghanistan!!! The Afghan National Army has selected International 6x6 Trucks as the heavy lift transport vehicle - to transport troops, move cargo, deliver fuel and water. Click here to read about the ANA's powerful new trucks. Click here to see the NEW CxT - the biggest SUV in the world - coming to Kabul in a few months. ITEC Logo Click on the International logo to visit the Navistar International website. International Trucks also offers the most reliable, easily maintained buses in the world.

Construction Services

RM Asia provides "On-Site" Construction Services. We offer Experienced American Project Managers. The quality international customers expect. Easy, effective communications.

Customers include the US Embassy, international security companies and major USAID contractors.

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Sourcing & Supply

RM Asia is one of the most responsive trading houses working in difficult locations.

NGO's International lenders like ADB and World Bank and private companies rely on RM Asia to source and supply specialty vehicles, school supplies, rice, electrical distribution equipment, cable, water pumps, fire trucks, airport security systems, roll up aircraft stairways, supplies for police including special handling cargo like smoke grenades, pepper spray, bullet prof vests and much more.

Government tenders usually require competitive bids on a wide range of items. That's where RM Asia excels!

"RM Asia works as a local supplier. They live and work in the markets they serve. Their staff is 90% local. They invest in maintenance capabilites and training. RM Asia services the products they sell." says a UNCTAD Project Officer.
Our Strongest Suit is Solving problems! Most companies think they've made their profit when they win the bid. RM Asia knows that's not true. Delivery Counts. If you win the bid, but can not deliver, everbody loses. RM Asia knows that our work is just beginning when we win your orders. Schedules, packing, shipping, customs, insuring , and final delivery, inspection for damage, and when necessary helping to submit insurance claims, are all important parts of our job and YOUR SATISFACTION!

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